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Hedge Trimming

Conifers make fine screening hedges, but can block natural sun light from your garden if not regularly maintained. With a reduction and regular trimming of young growth, privacy can be maintained whilst maximising day light onto your premises.From large problem conifers to small ornamentals needing a re-shape, james will be happy to help. Below are some other popular choices we reduce, trim, cut back and shape on a regular basis.

Conifer hedges | Individual conifers | Laurel | Privet | Beech hedge | Hawthorn | Holly | Box | Yew | Pyracantha | Berberis | Cotoneaster | Forsythia | Viburnum

Garden Maintenance

Whether it's grass cutting, pruning or border maintenance, we can assist you with your garden tasks. Equipped with the tools and knowledge we can help keep your garden in shape all year round.

Strimming | Grass cutting | Turf laying and re-seeding | Weed control | Borders | Planting | Hedge planting | Selective pruning | Garden clearance | General gardening tasks

About us

At Perton Hedge Trimming Service we strive to complete the job in hand to the highest standard with minimal disruption. We take great pride in our work from start to finish and take the extra effort to ensure our customers are left completely satisfied with our work. We always respect customers’ property, their borders and plants, and ensure all premises are left tidy after works are complete. Our experience and knowledge of how to do a job correctly, safely and efficiently, help us to create a lasting impression. Please take a look at our services and if you think we can help, please contact us.
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